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Code of Conduct

Employees and Clients

At Moravia Health, our dedication is unwavering in providing top-tier healthcare that nurtures your entire being.

We extend our heartfelt commitment to create spaces where all — patients, guests, and our valued team — can thrive within a secure, compassionate, and all-embracing atmosphere. Our Patient and Visitor Code of Conduct stands as a pillar of our mission to promote wellness through benevolence.

Nurturing your well being

Moravia Health's Commitment to Respect and Care

In our pursuit of goodness, we firmly reject words and deeds that carry disrespect, discrimination, hostility, or harassment. We stand against:

  • Any form of physical harm or aggression
  • Threats, whether verbal or physical, that breed fear
  • Discrimination based on race, ethnicity, accent, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or personal traits
  • Words or actions that are sexually explicit or vulgar
  • Disturbances that disrupt another patient’s healing journey
  • Unauthorized recording of patients, visitors, or staff without consent

Our surroundings are crafted to foster healing and harmony, and these behaviors have no place in our sanctuaries. While we anticipate such occurrences to be rare, those who breach this Code of Conduct may be requested to seek alternative options for their non-emergency medical needs at Moravia Health.

Should you encounter or fall victim to any of these behaviors, we encourage you to confide in a member of our compassionate team. Together, we uphold the essence of respect and care that define Moravia Health.


“All clients achieve maximum independence in their homes and communities.”


Moravia Health believes that healthcare is a basic human right.

We are committed to providing both quality homecare and support services, that meet the needs of the clients we serve, as well as their loved ones.

We strive to always exceed the expectations of all clients we interact with and serve.

Core Values

  • Commitment to Service of Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Accountability


Clients have the right to:
  • Live with dignity and support in their own homes
  • Make decisions about their life if they are able
  • Have as much independence as possible while remaining safe and comfortable
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