Want to get paid to take care of your loved ones?

Providing care to aging family or friends can pay. Here is what you need to know.

As parents and loved one’s age, it can be difficult to manage the myriad of needs that arise. So many activities like managing doctor visits, household assistance (meal preparation and feeding), along with handling odd requests, require a huge commitment from a caregiver. While it can feel taboo to broach the subject of money, or selfish to try and balance the needs of the caregiver and care recipient, it is important to understand how compensation can ease a burden. In this case, we consider aging parents or the elderly/seniors as being over sixty years (60) old.

What we have tried to do, from our analysis of existing documentation, is to simplify the thought process of potential caregivers to a streamlined decision matrix. By no means is this an official document, or intended to be anything but a guide, but it does closely mirror what we have been able to find online. Finally, these questions are mostly related to what is commonly thought of as home care, or non-medical assistance.

There are four questions that you need to answer:

1.  Does this senior or elderly person participate in Medicaid?

  • In Pennsylvania, Medicaid recipients can qualify for some in-home care aide support if they have a physical or mental disability.
  • To participate, you should coordinate with a reputable home care agency, like Moravia Health. Find out the details by calling our corporate office, 855-MORAVIA.

2.  Does this person participate in Medicare?

  • Has a doctor ordered personal part-time care by a home health aide?
  • If so, a home health care agency like Moravia Health can assist you with your needs. Learn more about the details of our services at 855-MORAVIA.
  • Additionally, you may learn more about Medicare, what it covers, and any eligibility concerns by reviewing its website here.

3.  Is this person a veteran?

  • If the veteran is eligible for community care, and meets the clinical criteria for assistance, the local VA (US Department of Veteran’s Affairs) may be able to help.
  • You can learn more about the VA and its Home Health program participation standards here.
  • If the home care agency has a contract with the VA, you can contact them to provide services.

4.  If this person is not a veteran or a Medicaid/Medicare participant, how are they insured?

  • Insurance companies vary their home health coverage. However, there may be an opportunity to work with them for home health care.
  • To learn the specifics of your insurance participation, you should contact your insurance company or call Moravia Health at 855-MORAVIA.

5.  Finally, if insurance is not an option, then perhaps you can arrange a personal payment arrangement or contract.

Please understand that there are many options to receive and provide home health assistance. To learn more about which Home Health agencies pay the most, you can read our article here.

While it is difficult to determine the best route to proceed, you can know that you have a trusted advisor with Moravia Health. We pay competitive rates, offering benefits like Medical, Vision, and Dental, along with a 401K. Moravia Health offers weekly pay, along with pay for holidays, vacation, and overtime. You can call us at 855-MORAVIA to learn more about our services or join our team.

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  1. This is such encouraging and practical information! It’s heartening to see a guide that simplifies the complex process of securing compensation for caregivers, addressing a topic that can often feel overwhelming and sensitive. Moravia Health’s comprehensive approach, from Medicaid and Medicare options to veteran support and insurance inquiries, ensures that caregivers can find the best solutions for their loved ones. Plus, the added benefits and competitive rates for those joining the Moravia Health team are fantastic! It’s reassuring to know that caregivers have a trusted resource to turn to. Kudos to Moravia Health for making this valuable information accessible and for supporting both caregivers and care recipients so effectively!

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