What are the best questions to evaluate a Home Care Agency?

Questions When Considering a Home Care Agency

When trying to choose a Home Healthcare agency to provide skilled care to your loved one, it can be difficult to navigate the industry. There are many factors to consider like safety, personnel training, and quality of care. What separates one agency from another? Beyond that, what questions should be asked to ensure that the caregivers you trust are actually trustworthy? Below we have listed some of the most important issues to raise, to ensure that you receive the appropriate homecare.

  1. Is the home healthcare provider licensed?
  2. Is the home healthcare provider accredited by a leading national accreditation firm?
  3. Does the provider perform criminal background checks on caregivers prior to hiring?
  4. Are the caregivers covered by Workers’ Compensation in the event they are injured on the job?
  5. Does the provider send a Registered Nurse to meet the family and develop a plan of care for the caregivers to follow?
  6. Once assigned, are the caregivers regularly supervised and evaluated by a Registered Nurse?
  7. Does the provider require the caregivers to carry photo identification?
  8. If you are dissatisfied with your caregiver, may you request a replacement?
  9. Does the provider supply backup in case the primary caregiver has an emergency and cannot work?
  10. Does the provider keep a “logbook” in your home to document services performed (i.e. meals, activities, bathing, etc.)?
  11. Does the agency provide overnight and/or 24-hour care?
  12. Is the provider available on-call 24-hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year?

Moravia Health can help answer these questions.
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