Which Healthcare Agency Pays The Most?

Which Home Health Agency Has The Highest Pay to Home Health Aides?

The answer to, “Which Pennsylvania home health care agency pays the most?” is easy, it’s Moravia Health. At least that is our aim. But here is the more complicated answer, it depends and is largely based upon the regional Medicare reimbursement rates set by the Pennsylvania Department of Health Services.

Every home health care agency is going to work largely the same. There is the reimbursement rate set by Pennsylvania and then a calculated margin that is mostly attributable to a corporate overhead similar throughout the industry.

So on a financial basis, how do you decide which health care agency to choose? The number of incentives and benefits matters. At Moravia Health, we offer Medical, Dental, and Vision benefits, along with a 401(k) plan. In addition to those benefits, we also give Holiday, Vacation, and Overtime pay. Other health care agencies may have similar offerings, but we have designed our pay package to be very competitive within the industry.

Finally, beyond competitive pay, applicants should pay attention to the culture and values of the home health care agency. At Moravia Health, we take our community involvement seriously. We have made a long-term commitment to a diverse group of local community organizations, from food drives to health fairs. There are other health care agencies that are similarly involved but, in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania, not many can match the dedication of Moravia Health. For more information about pay, give us a call at (855)-MORAVIA. We’d love to talk.

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