The Philadelphia Tribune covers Moravia Health and its patients

Moravia Health tailors services to vulnerable segment

Moravia Health is being covered by the local press! Our founder, Frank Igwé, the company origin, and its community services are captured in The Philadelphia Tribune.

C. Frank Igwe formed Moravia Health in 2012 to address the needs of the most vulnerable segment of the low-income, African-American population: the elderly and the disabled. His business at 1500 Market St. dispenses assistance and advice on government programs, home care and other medical issues.

Culturally, African-Americans are reluctant to place their loved ones in nursing homes. Oftentimes they prefer to care for them at home and keep them part of the family. To do this, home health care is often required.

This is where Igwe’s home health agency steps in, tailoring its range of services to meet the needs of patients and their families.

Link to the article in the Philadelphia Tribune.

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