Veteran Care

Moravia Health has a mission to serve Veterans.

Moravia Health

Because There's No Place Like Home.

Program for Veteran Care

Because There Is No Place Like Home
As a trusted provider of Veteran Home Care services, we specialize in supporting veterans who require assistance with their daily activities while enjoying the familiarity of their own homes. We recognize the distinctive needs of veterans and are deeply committed to delivering compassionate and personalized care that fosters their well-being, health, and independence. That’s why we take great pride in collaborating with the VA to facilitate access to the Moravia Health Home Health Aid (HHA) Care Program.
If you are a veteran or a family member seeking home care, feel free to reach out to us. Our team of professionals is ready to assist you experiencing the most fulfilling life possible.

Moravia Health provides services to Veterans, including some of the following...


Medication Reminder

Bathing Assistance

Personal Care

Meal Preparation


Light Housekeeping

President Biden recently expanded the ability for veterans to receive at home services. If you need assistance determining your qualification, please contact your local Veteran Services office.

Am I eligible?

All enrolled Veterans are eligible for Homemaker Home Health Aide Care if:
1) They are eligible for community care and...
2) Meet the clinical criteria for the service and...
3) It is available.

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